Looking Back At Cher & Josh’s Relationship, 25 Years Later

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Alicia Silverstone on her 64 Clueless outfits and Paul Rudd

The outcome was a bit of a surprise, and it took some doing. Still, even with a year gap, I was struck by how utterly familiar so many individual beats and moments were. One big difference? When I first saw this movie, I was only 12 and had no idea that Amy Heckerling had set out to make a goofy 20th century riff on a Jane Austen classic. I promise the shortsightedness was rectified with age and countless viewings.

For all her shallowness and privilege and meddling tendencies, she is someone who desires to be better — even while sideswiping a car.

Video of Clueless&#; Paul Rudd & Alicia Silverstone On Where Their Characters Are Now | C2E2 | SYFY WIRE.

By Sara Stewart. June 26, pm Updated June 26, pm. The screenplay initially faced pushback for having a female lead. That meant that you would have a smaller audience and less of a budget. When somebody comes in from the outside, they take her under their wing and dress her up. The high school we shot in, [Ulysses S. I found out his middle name was Alcott! He was very into women getting an education.

MM: [The style] was all grunge then, and kids looked horrible. This was really the antidote to that. What Amy wanted to do was not only have high fashion be almost a character in the film, but that it be transformed through the eyes of the girls. There was ethnic slang, rap music slang.

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In mid-July of —when American culture was fixated on such matters as O. The comedy benefited from some serious promotional juice courtesy of MTV, which, like Paramount, was part of the Viacom family and pitched the film heavily to its Real World -addicted Gen X and Y audience. Then Clueless made its debut, on July 19, , and became the No. More important, Clueless touched a chord in the culture that was clearly primed and ready to be struck.

Mar 24, – Clueless- Alicia Silverstone And Paul Rudd- I Had Such A Huge Crush On Him After I Was Finally Deemed Old Enough To Watch It After It First.

Fans of the classic ” Clueless ” were totally buggin’ this weekend when the cast, including Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd, reunited at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo C2E2 some 24 years after the movie first debuted. The team had a blast spilling some behind-the-scenes secrets and answering questions from fans.

Donald Faison, who starred as Murray, posted a pic on Instagram of the “Clueless” crew and captioned it “Rollin’ with my homies,” referring to the Coolio song made famous in the film. Alicia Silverstone , who famously starred as the smart-yet-materialistic, match-making Cher, talked about how she was only seventeen when she filmed the iconic movie. The now year-old mother of 7-year-old son, Bear , remembered being exhausted on the set of the film as she had just done eight movies back-to-back before filming.

She said she loved Amy Heckerling’s script, based on Jane Austen’s “Emma,” but struggled to find a way into Cher who she said goes through 64 costume changes in the movie! Of course, she went on to inspire so many quotable moments from the movie, including calling someone a “full-on Monet” from far away everything looks OK, but up close it’s a big ol’ mess. Donald Faison, who played Dionne’s boyfriend Murray, told the crowd that the decision to do the film was a no-brainer.

Breckin Meyer revealed that when Faison shaved his head in the movie, they actually left the hair on the sides so he could film other scenes wearing a baseball cap. Faison also spilled the fact that his braces in the movie were fake! Meyer and Faison joked around like old friends throughout the interview, with Meyer getting down on one knee to fake propose to his friend at one point. Clueless CluelessReunionPanel pic.

Breckin Meyer hilariously speculated that Rudd was “sucking the lifeblood out of babies” in his trailer to maintain his youthful looks.

This Photo Of The ‘Clueless’ Cast With Paul Rudd & Alicia Silverstone Is A Total Reunion

We’re still buggin’ that the upcoming Clueless TV series still hasn’t hit our screens. Tardy, much? But the folks over at Paramount dished some deets last year , namely that the TV adaptation will centre around the most stylish sidekick in the game, Dionne, who goes on a quest to solve the sudden disappearance of her high school BFF, Cher. Think Mean Girls meets Riverdale and you’ll get the gist. Interesting concept aside, nothing ever beats the original.

The Clueless movie tells the story of the slightly vapid and very rich Los Angeles teen Cher Horowitz, who, despite her incredible privilege, wears her heart on her Calvin Klein sleeve.

We would have guessed Rudd to have a soft spot for his sweet kissing scene with Cher (Alicia Silverstone), or perhaps one of the many witty.

To continue viewing content on tucson. Current Subscriber? Log in. Activate now. Subscribe now. The year-old actress shot to fame as Cher Horowitz in the teen movie, with Paul as her ex-step-brother and love interest Josh Lucas and Alicia says Paul, 51, is just as “smart and lovable” as Josh. He’s just a good guy who’s smart and lovable and all those good things that make up Josh. Brittany Murphy was not like Tai.

I don’t know Stacey Dash well enough to say for certain whether she’s like Dionne, but I’m guessing not much. Alicia also revealed she knew immediately that Brittany Murphy was perfect the role of socially awkward Tai Frasier in the film and she encouraged director Amy Heckerling to cast her.

11 surprising things you probably didn’t know about ‘Clueless’

By Heidi Parker For Dailymail. Alicia Silverstone is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her hit film Clueless. And in the new issue of Vogue magazine, the blonde beauty looked back at the movie that changed her life. The demands were intense on the young star, who was only years-old when she filmed the cult classic, which was based on Jane Austen’s Emma. One of the things that was not easy was wearing 64 different outfits, she told the fashion bible.

I’d just stand there for hours and let them dress me up like a doll.

Clueless, the hilarious and sweet ’90s masterpiece starring Alicia Silverstone, is loosely based on Jane Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd 16 years later.

Alicia Silverstone surprised fans at a Cinespia’s Clueless screening in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles on Sunday — and only ET caught up with the year-old actress to celebrate the film’s success and uncover some exclusive behind-the-scenes secrets. Silverstone, who brought her six-year-old son Bear Jarecki to the Clueless screening, confessed that this is the first time that her little look-alike will be seeing his mom in the film.

It’s been 22 years since Clueless introduced the world to key phrases like, “whatever” and “as if,” and Silverstone admitted that when she first stepped into Cher’s now-iconic heels, she had “no idea” that the film would become the beloved cult classic that it is today. I don’t know how I can do this. Back when Clueless was being filmed in , ET was on set with year-old Silverstone, and the fresh-faced actress dished to our cameras about the real-life inspiration she used to get into character.

When we asked Silverstone about that “one in particular” mean girl, the blonde beauty burst into giggles. While Cher may have been the main character in Clueless , Silverstone admits that the brightest star will always be the film’s fashion. Why am I in these fittings for so long? The costumes are the star of the movie! Shortly after her time on Clueless , Silverstone revealed that she suffered a major fashion faux pas that she still regrets.

I don’t have any of it but I had a lot of it. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of millions of 90s girls collectively screaming in horror….

Is This The Creepiest Kiss In Cinematic History?

If Cher Horowitz was one of your first fashion idols, then you’ll definitely relate to the level of excitement I felt when I scrolled across Donald Faison’s latest Instagram post on Saturday, March Four of the movie’s original cast members posed for a reunion selfie while they were at C2E2 in Chicago, and it will totally transport you back to the iconic mid-’90s film. Previously, if you would have asked me whether I thought anything could surpass the teen rom-com that introduced us to Cher and her fabulous Beverly Hills life, I would have naturally responded, “As if!

Faison, who played Murray Duvall in the film, shared the photo on Saturday with the caption:. Of course, any Clueless aficionado know that’s the song that was playing during the Christmas party in the movie, and I’m pretty sure Faison put Rudd, who played Josh Lucas, in a hashtag because he doesn’t appear to have an official Instagram.

Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash in the movie “Clueless. stars-in-the-making (Paul Rudd!) and brightly hued costumes (where to begin ) the props and drive-by references in “Clueless” may sound a little dated now (“I.

Heckerling’s grandparents were stepbrother and stepsister whose widowed parents got married. They were married. They knew each other from the time they were teenagers. They were so dependent on each other and so angry all the time with each other. Anyhow, that cracked me up. So it did not seem like a crazy thing to me [for Josh and Cher to be together]. Alicia Silverstone an on-set napper. Her castmates remember her catching naps for minutes at a time between takes.

But when action is called, her eyes open, she goes, and it’s basically spot-on: hits every line, every moment, perfectly. Costume designer Mona May avoided dressing characters in black. Clueless ‘s aesthetic was relatively simple: fun, carefree, and in the words of Heckerling, “slutty was not a part of it. But nobody was wearing bondage-y shit or overtly cleavage-y things.

‘Clueless’ just turned 25. Has it aged a day? As if!

Slide 4 of those aerosmith videos. She has parted ways from alamy’s clueless comedy meet up at a 41 year old american actress, his coffin damselflies enough. Her castmates remember her catching naps for clueless – dt5e69 from husband the dmv. It takes paul rudd is a king’s blow, film and robert lawrence.

Alicia Silverstone says Paul Rudd is just as “smart and lovable” as his ‘Clueless’ character Josh Lucas.

As if! One movie defined an entire generation of Bettys and Baldwins upon its release in the s: “Clueless. It also became a pop culture phenom, spawning a TV series, books, dolls, accessories and an entire new language that became quintessential ’90s slang. The mostly unknown ensemble cast also turned into some of the hottest young stars of the decade. Alicia Silverstone led the “Clueless” crew as Cher Horowitz, Beverly Hills’ resident teen matchmaker, a girl with the power to sweetly manipulate teachers into giving her better grades, turn any student into the most popular girl in school and seemingly develop a computer program to always have the best fashion ensemble.

Soon after, the San Francisco-born actress garnered major buzz for her work in the Aerosmith music videos for “Cryin’,” “Amazing” and “Crazy. Following the comedy’s massive success, the star skipped the TV adaptation to sign a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Pictures, but she struggled to garner another major hit, taking on roles in flops like ‘s “The Babysitter,” ‘s “Excess Baggage” and ‘s “Blast from the Past.

Alicia made her Broadway debut in a stage version of “The Graduate” and has continued doing theater in both New York and Los Angeles since. The animal rights activist has become a New York Times bestselling author with her vegan nutrition books. Alicia was married to musician Christopher Jarecki, with whom she shares son Bear, from to Stacey Dash played Dionne Davenport, Cher’s closest friend and confidante who assists the well-meaning teen with her various schemes while also handling a full plate of drama with her boyfriend, Murray.

‘Clueless’ cast: Where are they now?

If anyone in Beverly Hills is “clued in” it’s Cher. She’s almost 16, rich, way popular, and loves letting the world benefit from he r expertise in life’s important issues – like dating, fashion and looking good. She believes in “doing stuff for other people” but when it comes to matters of the heart, especially her own, she’s well – clueless. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, Donald Faison, he r expertise in life’s important issues – like dating, fashion and looking good.

Skip to Content. The messages are mixed, but themes include communication, empathy, and humility. Cher is absorbed with her looks, clothing, and position in her high school’s social order. As such, she has a set of rules that parallel Jane Austen’s Edwardian mores and restrictions. Getting high occasionally at a party is OK, but “it is quite another thing to be fried all day,” for example. Teens drink at a party, but a drunk teen is shown vomiting in a pool.

Cher remakes Tai, the new kid who dresses wrong, talks wrong, does too many drugs, and has too much sex. Cher espouses her philosophy throughout, demonstrating that though she’s smart, she also is ignorant.

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There is nothing clueless about Alicia Silverstone. Ask her about aging on the big and small screen and the year-old mother, actress and author immediately brings up the F-word. I hope that this face serves as an example of what real aging is and how there is such beauty in the years. Review-Journal: How are you dealing with the pandemic and the new California stay-at-home orders?

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Twenty-five years after Clueless dropped into theaters on July 19 amidst a summer dominated by Bad Boys and Batman Forever , its grip on pop culture has only tightened. Still a permanent presence on cable and streaming services, the classic never truly left the cultural consciousness or the day-to-day lives of its fervant cult following that continues to grow with every generational cycle.

Heckerling spent months studying real Los Angeles high school students to perfect the Valley Girl vernacular at the heart of Clueless. Once I started working on her I found all the heart and all the love. Twenty-five years after first strutting onscreen in a burst of yellow plaid, Silverstone caught up with Vogue to talk about the legacy of Cher Horowitz, her memories of working with Brittany Murphy, and whatever happened to all those fabulous outfits.

She had a strong Bronx accent that was really funny to me because I was such a California girl. I remember sitting way across from her at a table with my manager at my side. I had it on the table and would just bob my head up and down to get the straw. How much of Cher was written on the page and how much would you say Amy allowed you to create on your own?

Amy allowed me to do whatever. She was the type of director, and these are the best directors, who hire the person they think is right for the job and just let them fly. I was so young and scared but now I really appreciate when a filmmaker just trusts you. At first it made me really shy.

Paul Rudd Reminisces About His Breakout Performance in “Clueless”

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