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Do You Remember the Slide Rule?

I bought my first scientific calculator in a Decimo E, ‘Electronic Slide Rule’ and my ‘analogue calculator’ rapidly gathered dust. It was only about two years ago that I renewed a latent interest in them and started to explore the many superb resources available, which prompted me to purchase a selection. I wouldn’t describe myself as a collector, I bought one example each of styles and of makers that particularly interested me and my ‘collection’ has stopped at eleven.

Making examples from published templates is also fun. Some of these are illustrated below and, given the wealth of authoritative material available on the makers and models, I just add some comments on why they appeal to me and point out some major features.

Dating K&E Slide Rules · Before – Slide rules either had no cursor, a brass chisel type cursor, or a metal framed glass cursor. ·

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Dating faber-castell slide rules

Click for Another Pic! Trig scales degrees, minutes. Sewed leather case. Trig scales degrees, decimals. Trig scales inches, seconds, degrees. Several scale variations produced.

This ten-inch mahogany duplex linear slide rule is coated with white celluloid and The indicator is the second generation of Keuffel & Esser’s “frameless” glass The different serial numbers and the discrepancy in dating between the rule.

Note: Ahrend celebrated years in , and was given permission to carry the predicate ‘Koninklijk’ Royal. The company established the Jacobus Ahrend Fund in in his honor. Jacobus Ahrend – Netherlands. Founder of The N. He first started an office stationery shop at Singel 24 in Amsterdam, under his mother’s name. A tricycle was his first truck. Ahrend soon expanded the range of goods carried to include drawing tables, drawing requisites, collotype machines a precursor of the photocopier and water levels.

In the s, Ahrend started to sell office furniture and soon saw a rapid increase in the numbers sold. The initial furniture was all made of wood, but it was not long before steel furniture was added to the range. Steel furniture was later banned because of WWII. After the war he founded the Amsterdam Trade association in In Ahrend was restructured and changed its name to Sun.

Calculations for Commerce and Shipping

The first logarithmic calculating rules did not slide at all This ” Gunter’s Rule ” was the original device introduced by Edmund Gunter in , which remained in use for some two centuries. This idea remained for three centuries at the heart of every slide rule made. This instrument had a variety of useful scales and tables on one side and a standard 2-foot measuring rule on the other. The logarithmic calculating function used the narrow slide in one of its legs For more, see this article.

Keuffel & Esser, which also became known for its slide rules, was absorbed into the It should be noted that dating items and serial numbers related to the their.

I have a fascination with older calculating devices, especially HP calculators and slide rules from various makers. And, so, I spend my book and article earnings on buying them. Back when I were a lad taking O-levels in England at the tender age of 16, you were allowed to take in slide rules into the exams. In fact, if I recall correctly, you had to have one for the Maths O-level since there were some questions that needed you to use it to get the answer.

I had a fairly cheap Blundell-Harling for my exams, but it was a duplex — that is, it had scales on both sides — so I felt like I was the man. In reality I wasn’t, since the only operations you had to do were multiplication and division, but the ‘tude is everything. This was in , which is the interesting tipping point for portable calculating devices.

Keuffel and Esser, Standard Scales

Our collection database is a work in progress. We may update this record based on further research and review. Learn more about our approach to sharing our collection online. If you would like to know how you can use content on this page, see the Smithsonian’s Terms of Use.

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Archive Record. Object Name Documents Catalog Number No folder. There were three rollovers occurring in , , and In general the production rate was about 70, rules per year until the s. In the s and it was over , per year. The s had a production rate of about , per year for several years and tapering off in the s ending at about In general it is safe to assume a linear production rate between the rollover dates particularly for the common types rules.

Serial numbers can be used to approximate the manufacture date of a given rule however not necessarily the sales date. The common rules were produced in regular batches but the specialty rules did not sell as well and a given batch of rules might stretch over several years. It is not uncommon to find rules in the s in 68 xxxx series packaging but series model numbers on the rules. The Fuller and Thacher’s slide rules had their own serial number systems.

Model Numbers: There were four different number series in the history of the slide rule line. There was little if no logic to these numbers.

Slide rule

Keuffel and Esser, Standard Scales. Established in , sold rules from , began manufacturing their own rules in and continued until The report predicted that, by the year , Americans would live in domed cities possibly influenced by Issac Asimov’s robot novel Caves of Steel and watch three-dimensional television.

I have a fond affection for slide rules—when studying the sciences at high Hemmi used two letter date codes, this one ‘FG’, which allows it to be dated to July.

July 6, Update: Eight new cardboard slide rule calculators added, thanks to Neil Blaho. Some were from his father’s collection dating back to the s. Long before there were smartphones and software ‘apps,’ engineers and scientists carried around portable ‘apps’ of another kind. These apps were made from printed heavy cardboard stock and typically had either a sliding section sandwiched between two outer layers, or a rotating layer on a fixed base layer.

They even sported rivets to hold them together – like the original Levis dungarees. I and guys much older than me [ ;- ] routinely carried them in our shirt pockets, securely snugged behind our plastic pocket protectors. You definitely always wrote your name on them in indelible ink since there was a tendency for those cardboard slide rules to sprout legs and walk away while you were at lunch or in the can. These cardboard slide rule calculators used to be included on the Traditional Slide Rules page, but thanks to generous RF Cafe visitors who either sent me hard copies or high-res photos, the number has grown so large that they required their own page.

You are invited to submit examples of your own collection for inclusion in the informal Cardboard Calculator Museum. Shure Brothers Reactance Slide Rule. JFD Mfg. Stroboscopic Disc. Thanks to Neil Blaho for the donation looks a little like the Starfleet Command logo. Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp.

Keuffel & Esser 4088-3 Polyphase Duplex Slide Rule

Bob’s Calculators and Slide Rules. Search this site. Caclulated Industries. Hewlett Packard. Radio Shack.

Using the rather arcane dating algorithms for K&E slide rules, this one seems to be dated around , the year of its introduction. Now playing.

The slide rule , or slipstick , [1] is a mechanical analog computer. The slide rule is used mainly for multiplication and division , and also for “scientific” functions such as roots , logarithms and trigonometry , but usually not for addition or subtraction. There are many different styles of slide rules. They are usually linear or circular. They have a standardised set of markings called scales. These scales are used for mathematical computations.

Some slide rules have been made for special use, as for aviation or finance. Those slide rules have special scales for those applications, as well as normal scales. William Oughtred and others developed the slide rule in the s. The slide rule is based on the work on logarithms by John Napier. Before electronic calculators were developed, slide rules were the tool used most often in science and engineering.

The use of slide rules continued to grow through the s and s even as digital computing devices were gradually introduced; but around the pocket calculator made the slide rule largely obsolete and most suppliers left the business. In its most basic form, the slide rule uses two logarithmic scales to allow rapid multiplication and division of numbers. These common operations can be time-consuming and error-prone when done on paper.

Bringing 1916 to 2016: Slide Rules

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